Comté St Antoine 12 Month AOC



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Style : Firm Cut Cheese

Milk : Cow   Unpasteurised

Rennet : Traditional

Region : France, Franche-Comte

Cheesemaker : Marcel Petit (Affineur)

Wine Pairing :  Roussette de Savoie Cru Frangy, Red or White Burgundy

Description : Comté AOC is a mountain cheese, similar to Beaufort. It is traditionally made in small villages with cooperative dairies, in order to provide enough milk to make the huge 35kg cheese. It is made using the milk from two types of cow; the Montbéliarde cow, known for its sweet milk and the French Simmental cows. They graze on the plentiful pastures of the Jura which gives the cheese it's sweet, nutty flavour making it one of France's most popular cheeses still. Comté is a favourite in our shop and never ceases to wow - a fantastic cheese that melts well and can be enjoyed with local wine.

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